Building & Standards Commission


  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Second Thursday of the month as needed
  • City Council Chambers
    126 W. Main St.
    Edna, TX 77957


The Building and Standards Commission is composed of three members, all of whom shall be residents of Edna. Members are appointed by the City Council for three-year terms and serve without compensation.

Present Building and Standards Commission members are:
  • Patrick Brzozowski (Chairman)
  • James Lewis  (Vice Chairman)
  • Desmond Earls
  • Sonya Proper

Duties & Responsibilities

The Building and Standards Commission is established in accordance with provisions of the city's Land Use Ordinance and §211.008 of the Texas Local Government Code. The commission is appointed by the City Council to make final judgment upon whether a building or structure conforms to the city's standards and regulations as promulgated in the city's Land Use Ordinance or other ordinances. Its duties are as follows:
  • Conducts public hearings regarding dangerous buildings/structures as presented by Code Enforcement
  • Conducts public hearings regarding deviation from Zoning Ordinances
  • Based on information and justifications presented, decides for or against a zoning deviation
    • A zoning deviation decision by the Building and Standards Commission can only be overruled by the District Court
  • Rules on the correctness of the Building Official's interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance (when questioned by the City Council or citizens)