Water System

Edna Water Source

The City of Edna's water supply is a groundwater system. The city operates two water wells; each of which draws water from the Evangeline aquifer.

Water Quality

The Edna water supply is tested regularly for coliform bacteria, fluoride, in-organics, volatile organics, synthetic organics, lead and copper, and other elements in accordance with state and federal regulations. Annually, as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the City of Edna must file a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) listing the quality of the utility's water supply and any violations of state and federal regulations. A copy of the annual CCR must be delivered to each Edna water system customer. The annual CCR, along with past reports, are available at City Hall for review.

Water Treatment

The quality of the groundwater from the Evangeline aquifer is such that, at present, the only required additional treatment is chlorination.


The City of Edna is proud of the quality of water provided to its customers. However, water within long pipelines sometimes acquires an odor from stagnation. Stagnation occurs when the capacity of the main exceeds the consumption of water by the customers attached to the main. Stagnation is minimized by periodic flushing of fire hydrants. The city attempts to flush hydrants once a month, during the night, on the second or third Wednesday. The city makes every effort to pre-announce flushing in the local newspaper.

Flushing will disrupt scale that builds up within the main and will discolor water for short periods of time after flushing is undertaken. If an odor problem occurs with your water supply, please call the Edna Public Works Department during normal business hours to discuss the issue. If water discoloration occurs after a flushing sequence, open a faucet (preferably an outside faucet) and let your household water run until the stream of water clears up. If after 20 minutes, the stream of water does not clear up, call the Edna Public Works Department (during normal business hours at 361-782-3122 or after hours at the Jackson County Sheriff's switchboard at 361-782-3541).

Disruptions of Service

The City of Edna will attempt to notify effected customers of any planned disruption of service a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the scheduled disruption. However, unplanned disruptions will occur due to emergencies. Unplanned disruptions occur because of breaks in the main from natural causes or, more likely than not, from man made causes such as the digging into a main or lateral by someone did not request to have the pipeline located. Requests for location of city utilities should be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of a planned excavation to the Texas Excavation Safety System (DIG-TESS) at 800-DIG-TESS (800-344-8377).