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Garage Sale Permit

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  2. City of Edna
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  3. Occasional Sales Permit Application
    Note: This application for an Occasional Sales Permit is due at the Code Enforcement Office not less than five (5) working days prior to the sales event. The Permit shall be issued by the Code Enforcement Office within two (2) but not more than three (3) working days prior to the sales event. The City reserves the right to conduct a background check on the applicant for an Occasional Permit.
  4. Occasional Sales Permit Type:*
  5. Has any person on this application been convicted of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude?*
  6. Please Read and Accept*
    I have read the City of Edna’s Ordinance regarding Occasional Sales (e.g., yard sales, garage sales, estate sales) and hereby agree to conduct the requested activity in compliance with said ordinance. By signing this permit I agree to remove any signs pertaining to the occasional sale within 72 hours of the sale. Failure to remove signs may result in a fine not to exceed $200 a day
  7. ________________________________________________
    Signature of Applicant
  8. ________________________________
    Permit Fee Paid: ________________
    Dates of Sale: From ______ __ To_____________ Previous Sale At This Address: Yes: ___ No: ___
    If yes, how many sales this calendar year:_____
    Date Permit Issued: _______________ Date Permit Expires: _______________
    Code Enforcement: Approved: ____ Disapproved: ____

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