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Solid Waste Disposal Rules

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  2. The City of Edna has contracted with Texas Disposal Services to provide disposal of solid waste inside the city limits.
  3. Each address in the city is assigned a waste container.

    Trash is picked up once a week.

    You are issued one container. You may ask for a second container for a fee each month. You are not allowed to place any bags outside of the container for pick up.

    Brush and bulky waste will also be picked up on your garbage day. Brush must be cut to no more than 4 feet and no tree trunks.

    Construction material or electronics will not be picked up.

    Do not remove the trash container(s) from the residence. When water service is disconnected the trash container stays at the address.

    The property owner is responsible for the trash container that is at the address. Any missing container(s) or customer damaged container(s) will have a $100.00 replacement fee that must be paid before the container is replaced.
  4. I have read the above rules for solid waste pickup in the city limits of Edna; by signing below I agree to abide by the rules set forth.
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