Animal Control

Animal Control is under the supervision of the Police Department. Pet Adoptions are encouraged. To contact the Animal Control Officer please call 361-782-5271.
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City of Edna Animal Control Laws Simplified

Our Laws Simplified

State of Texas:

  1. Dogs must have a minimum 10 feet of tether length, between them and object tied to.

  2. Nylon, leather or similar collar material, made for use on dogs – no chain, choke, or prong-type collars around the neck. Fitted to allow 2 fingers to slip between collar and neck.

  3. Rabies vaccinations required

  4. Sanitary conditions (not tangled around stuff, standing in feces, things they could get hurt on, etc.).

City of Edna:

Definition of an Owner: If you have fed, harbored, or sheltered an animal for 3 or more days in a row – whether on a temporary or permanent basis – you are deemed to be the owner.

  1. Animals may not be secured on another person's property, or be able to reach onto another person's property, without the consent of the property owner.

  2. Animals must have Adequate Food, Water, and Shelter:

    1. Adequate Food: judged by animals body condition – if contested, will be judged by a licensed vet

    2. Adequate Water: Clean water available to animal at all times

    3. Adequate Shelter: consisting of 3 sides and a top, or of cylindrical shape (a barrel), which provides an animal adequate protection from wind, precipitation, and direct sun. Must allow enough room for each animal using the shelter to enter, turn around, and lay down comfortably. Must have a solid bottom or be raised in such a manner as to give the animal dry ground to rest upon.

  3. All fowl must be kept in a pen, at least 100' away from neighboring houses, and have at least One Square Foot per fowl – pen must be kept sanitary as to avoid health or odor problems.

  4. Livestock must be kept at least 100' away from neighboring houses, and must provide at least ½ Acre per animal. Livestock may not be left tied within city limits.

If you have further questions, please call Animal Control at the Edna Police Department, 361-782-5271