City Council


  • 6:00 p.m.

  • First and Third Thursdays of the Month

  • City Council Chambers
    126 W. Main St.
    Edna, TX 77957

Special called meetings of the City Council may be scheduled by the mayor or three council members for a specific purpose (or purposes).

Public hearings may be scheduled by the mayor to allow public presentation and discussion of a specific item (or items) of interest to the city. No action shall be taken by City Council during a public hearing.

Under the provisions of the Chapter 551 (Open Meetings) and Chapter 552 (Public Information) of the Texas Government Code, all meetings and hearings of the City Council, with the exception of Executive Sessions, are open to the general public. The public is encouraged to attend City Council meetings participate in the governing of the City of Edna.

  • Mayor Lance Smiga

  • Council Member Cipriano Palacios, District 1

  • Council Member Wayne Callis, District 2

  • Council Member Chris Jackson, District 3

  • Council Member Mike Dodds, District 4

  • Council Member Johnny Vasquez, District 5

The mayor and the five members of Edna City Council are elected by the citizens of Edna. The election of the mayor and council is non-partisan. The city is divided into five single-member districts. The mayor is elected at-large and the council members are, respectively, elected by the citizens within each of the five districts. The mayor and council members each serve for a term of two years. The terms of office of three council positions, representing Districts 3, 4, and 5, are staggered one year from those of the mayor and the other two council positions, representing Districts 1 and 2. The city's general election is held every year in May on the uniform election date set by the State Legislature.

The mayor is the presiding officer of the City Council. Although a member of the City Council, the mayor is entitled to vote only in the case of tie vote of the council; and, does not have a veto power. A quorum of the City Council is necessary for the transaction of city business. A quorum consists of three council members and the presiding officer. A majority vote of the council shall consist of three council members or two council members and the presiding officer.

Duties & Operations of the City Council
The duties and operations of the City Council are promulgated, primarily, by the Texas Constitution, the City Charter, and the Local Government Code and the Government Code of the State of Texas.