Reverse 911

Interactive Community Notification

The Jackson County Reverse 911 (R911) system is a computer-based program that can send emergency messages using a combination of database and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping technologies. The system can quickly target a precise geographic area and saturate it with thousands of calls.

Reverse 911 offers a variety of options that allow Jackson County officials to custom build an outbound session that will telephonically distribute information throughout the county.

Registering Your Number

The Reverse 911 system utilizes a computer database that should already include all of the published and non-published landline telephone numbers in this county. Jackson County residents who have recently obtained a new telephone number, or changed their old one, should register that number.

Jackson County residents who would rather receive emergency notifications on their cellular telephones, and those telephones are continuously monitored, may register that number instead of their home phone or business telephone number. All other should not need to register. For purposes of speedy notifications, only one telephone number per address will be used in the database.

To register your number please go to the home page of this website and select the Reverse 911 Button and fill out the application. After completing the application you may select submit and it will be sent directly to Reverse 911 Database to be entered into the system. If you have any questions regarding Reverse 911 please contact the Edna Police Department 361-782-5271